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Body Image:
Breakthrough to Freedom

Finally the answers you've been looking for to stop waging a war and find body acceptance with the body you have.

"My life is literally changed. Forever. I can shop easier, dress myself easier, feel better about the foods I eat, how much I eat, how to think about my body, how to be kinder to myself, have better inner monologue, and know better ways to support the people around me who may be going through the same things I am. My life is. So. Much. Better. And like - I had no idea it was going to be THIS much better."

- Former Client



Interested in the Meal Plan Membership, but not quite sure yet? Test out Cortney's meals, culinary instruction, and grocery list.. for free! 

Meal Plans are updated quarterly so be sure to check back when the seasons change for a brand new meal plan to download! 

What you get:

  • Week full of recipes crafted by Cortney - registered dietitian and culinary coach

  • Meals that fulfill dietary need for those who eat meat, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free

  • Complete pre-made grocery list

  • Peace of mind knowing you have a nutritionally balanced meal


Cortney gives you her meal planning system that she uses in her 1:1 nutrition coaching and meal plan membership

What you get: 

  • Step by step guide on how to plan meals for the week that don't break your bank.

  • Utilize food you already have and stop buying food you won't 

  • Concise one page document with only 4 steps - easy to follow and easy to implement

  • Easy way to put the focus on health without having to track a single calorie, macro, etc.

  • A streamline system to use every week

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is intuitive eating?

Intuitive eating is a framework that was developed by two dietitians wit the hope of helping individuals accomplish the the following: "make peace with food, free yourself from chronic dieting, and rediscover the pleasure of eating." In short, its a way to incorporate nutrition from a non diet approach, enjoy movement without the goal of weight loss and live in a body neutral space. 

How long is your program?

The program length is 12 sessions. A 'normal pace' is meeting once a week, however, this is a completely individualized program. Cortney will space out appointments based on the individual client's need. 

Do you take insurance?

Cortney does not currently take insurance. While payment is self pay, she offers many payment plan options (without interest) and can/does accept HSA/FSA accounts.

Is this program suitable for someone with an eating disorder?

This program does not substitute eating disorder treatment nor is for someone who feels they may have an active eating disorder. This program does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship. For eating disorder information and referrals contact NEDA. Depending on where you are in recovery, this program may be a suitable complement to eating disorder treatment. Please reach out to Cortney via scheduling a discovery call to learn more.

How do I know this works?

Before becoming a dietitian and following her passion to help others, she overcame and survived her own eating disorder. Cortney has spent the last spent five years helping others heal their relationship with food and body image. Cortney has spent that time perfecting her framework to create her signature program, The Gray Space Method. Her past and current clients use this framework when working with her.  

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