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For $7.99 a month ($0.27 a day) you'll receive dietitian crafted weekly meal plans for lunches and dinner that will elevate your nutrition while making cooking healthy, affordable, easy, and fast. 

Receive recorded videos walking you through each recipe plus vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free substitutions and alterations.

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This subscription will send you weekly meal plan recipes, straight to your inbox every Sunday, suitable for vegetarian, meat eaters, and gluten free. *Other dietary needs can be accommodated upon registration

Each week, you'll receive: 

  • a complete grocery list

  • week full of recipes designed to be fast, healthy, and affordable

  • video instruction of specific cooking techniques, 

  • demo page of any cooking techniques, nutrition information, etc.

  • recipe library of previous weeks

  • monthly LIVE group nutrition call learning about current nutrition topics, trends, cooking techniques and information

Each recipe is crafted to be a powerhouse of nutrition, focused on affordability, time saving, and simple to prepare.

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Time saving solutions

Options on options on options

Game changing experience

Spend less time meal prepping and planning. Meal plans that use similar ingredients each week while still providing variety to ensure you get your evenings back to do the things you love.

Say goodbye to meal time monotony. Each week comes with new meals, never repeating the same meal twice - that is of course unless you find one you love!

Level up your culinary and nutrition knowledge. Each week have culinary demos, video instruction as well as monthly nutrition calls with Cortney. Her goal is to make sure you have the information and education to make informed decisions about the food you put in your body.

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From culinary novice to expert in the kitchen...

this subscription is for everyone. Designed to improve your skills in the kitchen, nutrition in your meals, and spend less time on cooking, planning, and prepping.

Join the once a month Q+A with culinary and nutrition questions, culinary demos, cocktails and mocktails to learn how to put yourself first when it comes to time, nutrition, and budget. 

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