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Culinary Coaching

A comprehensive program that brings culinary competency to the forefront of wellness.

1:1 Culinary Coaching

Individualized sessions aimed at improving nutrition and overall health by facilitating fundamental principles of nutrition and culinary cooking. 

Culinary coaching is for those who want to eat for health, manage chronic health conditions, expand picky eating palates, and just feel more confident in the kitchen.  



Understand effective and nutrition focused meal plan structures

Learn and apply nutrition fundamentals related to macro and micronutrients

Master culinary techniques to increase healthful cooking, budgeting, and time saving strategies

Program Topics:

Nutrition Basics:

carbs, protein, fats, fruit and vegetables

Culinary Techniques:

baking, roasting, sautéing, 

Meal Planning, Prepping,  Cooking Execution

Extras: salt, herbs, spices, flavors 

Health Promoting Behaviors:

movement, sleep, water, etc.

Health Promoting Factors:

fibers, lean protein, plant based eating

Book service

Click "book." Place deposit and schedule initial session. Complete emailed intake form prior to first session.

Initial Session

Will review intake form, discuss goals and create culinary plan. Initial goal setting and education will begin.

Sessions 2-5

Will execute goals set in first session. Each schedule session will review progress, barriers, success and new goals will be set.

What to expect

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