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Body Image: Breakthrough to Freedom

Finally the answers you've been looking for to stop waging a war and find body acceptance with the body you have.

I know you friend, you're probably at the end of your rope.

The perception of your body image doesn't match with the cognition of your body image.

I've got you. You're in the right place. Take a breath, grab a piece of paper, and get ready to step into a more comfortable and peaceful you.

In one hour, we'll cover:

  • What the heck is body image?!

  • How does a negative image develop + how to use that to your advantage

  • How to identify the problem thoughts that are keeping you stuck and in a cycle of self hate

  • Easy to implement technique and skills that create healthy body image 

  • Create your own clear, actionable steps with my guidance so the moment you step off the call you have a plan

If you've tried the body positive movement and it hasn't stuck the landing for you yet...

It's because the opposite of body hate is not body positivity or body love. How are you supposed to move into a space where you celebrate and embrace every flaw, roll, jiggle, and area of cellulite ​if you've spent years trying to hide and shrink it? 

Enter body acceptance and neutrality. Body acceptance and neutrality provide a comfortable resting place between body hate and body love. It provides a neutral and peaceful zone where you can focus on the tasks and people that are important to you... without the nagging of your body hanging around your brain.

Here is how to know if body acceptance/neutrality is something you need:

  • A photo of you causes distress.

  • You avoid changing over seasonal clothes due to fear if they will fit or not.

  • Your mood is heavily affected if your body image is good or bad.

  • You believe the only way to experience body acceptance, respect, and positivity is if you are in a smaller body.

Hey there,

I'm Cortney.

Your intuitive eating dietitian and body image bestie. I've spent years struggling with my body image. It wasn't until I did the real evidenced based work on my brain and my mindset for me to see that I can respect, accept, and even feel confident in my body.


I've pulled together the best tips and techniques from my signature coaching program to provide you a live, immersive experience that will completely transform how you think, feel, and see your body.


I am so honored you're here and to walk alongside this journey with you! See you live, very soon. ​

Other important things to note - I am a fierce mental health advocate, my german shepherd is my best friend, I prefer salty over sweet, and if you put a bowl of popcorn in front of me... it'll be gone. Oh yeah, a cocktail with lavender? That'll be gone too. 

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I'll also send you my meal planning guide. FREE!

Aside from being an intuitive eating dietitian, I am also certified as a culinary coach. I firmly believe food and nutrition struggles are directly tied to body image insecurities and I firmly believe that doesn't have to be the case.

I've combined my two areas of expertise to create this grocery and meal planning guide, only available to 1:1 coaching clients.. until now. 

get access to

  • Staple grocery list for every week

  • Recipe and meal ideas from the staple list

  • Step by step guide on how to plan, shop, and prep meals for your family

so that you can

  • Spend less time in the kitchen preparing food

  • Decrease decision fatigue and starting into the fridge thinking, "I have nothing to cook."

  • Make food your family actually wants to eat

I can't wait to meet you, friend.

Former Client

Working with Cortney gave me freedom I didn't know existed. The freedom to walk past a reflective surface and not think that I HAVE to "body check" and make sure my body looks like how I think it looks (a recipe for disaster).

Former Client

I'm planning my wedding and feel so excited and ready to try on wedding dresses thanks to Cortney's support. I am ready to feel beautiful and comfortable  and enjoy the dresses I try on instead of hyper fixating on  certain body parts. I am so much kinder to my body now. 

Former Client

Changing your body image doesn't happen overnight - it takes true work and consistency. But it is SO WORTH IT. I am unraveling parts of my brain that I've become so accustomed too that I didn't even realize I was doing them or that they existed. Cortney has helped me break down barriers I didn't know I had to get to the root of my body image struggles for the fist time in my 30 years of life. I now have the tools to work through situations instead of just avoid them. 
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