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Would you like to immediately

  • Like, respect, and love what you see in the mirror.

  • Stop putting in trust quick "fixes" out of desperation.

  • Stop being overwhelmed that your mood is significantly shaped by how you feel about your body.

  • Go shopping and get dressed without it being a nightmare

  •  No more comparing yourself to others all the time.

  • Stop influencing what you eat or how you move based on you feel about your body. 

  • Stop hiding your body in social situations.

Hey there,

I'm Cortney.

Your intuitive eating dietitian and body image bestie. I've spent years struggling with my body image. It wasn't until I did the real evidenced based work on my brain and my mindset for me to see that I can respect, accept, and even feel confident in my body.


I've put together this book to give you everything that I know that works and deliver it in a way that creates lasting impact. 

Download, enjoy, and know you're on your way to your better body!

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Join The Body Image Road Map Challenge

This ebook along with my daily guidance and expert tips will guide you step by step to: 

  • identify patterns that create poor body image

  • understand how your food behaviors affect your weight

  • to stop body checking and critiquing yourself

  • create a peaceful experience while getting dressed or shopping for clothes

  • respect and accept what you see in the mirror

  • learn the many different ways the brain is wired and how to reprogram it to feel and think better about your body.

What's inside?

Identifying your body image journey: it's much more than hating and loving. How do YOU want to feel about your body? Find out how and starting implementing today.

Set Point Weight: How food, nutrition, and exercise behaviors are impacting your weight. Create a clear action plan to move forward and stop the sabotage.

Rewire your brain: Dig deep into your limiting beliefs. Approach and separate your emotions from fact. Challenge the “all or nothing” thinking mindset to neutralize negative thought patterns that make looking in the mirror difficult.

Body Checking: The pesky little habit that keeps the hamster wheel going. Grasp how body checking creates evidence thats not really there. Our brain is ever-evolving. Learn how your language, thought patterns, and behaviors affect our neurobiology and are actually the culprit of poor body image. Better yet! You'll be handed a clear path to change every single one.

Affirmations: The power behind them and how to make them really work to create confidence. Take some of Cortney favorites that are provided or create your own!

BONUS: For each concept in the book, you'll receive an email and video from Cortney showing you how to implement each skill into your every day life including the exact steps she uses when working with clients. Have questions? You'll be able to reply and communicate with Cortney in real time.

Kenzie K.

“I'm so grateful that I wake up everyday and don't look in the mirror and see disappointment."

Heather B.

"I'm a stronger mom and friend because of Cortney. Through her, I lost the stress of eating. I realized my habits were causing me and my family unnecessary stress. I now can keep treats in my home. She helped me wit ha very unhealthy relationship with the scale, working out, food and myself to achieve goals I didn't even know I had."

Molly M.

"I went clothes shopping and didn't just buy the biggest size on the rack. This is the first time in 8 years that I have shopped for the body I have, not the body “I want.” If felt so good to acknowledge my curves and find appropriate clothes. I left the store feeling confident and positive instead of bummed and sad."
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