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Nourish yourself without guilt, eat for health, and find body acceptance without dieting.

Eating intuitively without guilt, rules, or stress for how it may affect your body can be TOUGH if you've spent years listening to everything but your own body. 

Simple principles such as eating for health without rules, thinking of food as more than good or bad, and being comfortable in your body are actually really hard for people to do and feel!


I get it. I use the intuitive eating framework to help you build one habit at a time. This way, changing eating habits, worrying if it will affect your body, and tackling the uncomfortable becomes less overwhelming and more sustainable.

The right tools implemented at the right time.

Using specific tools, journals, reframing skills, and flexible meal planning we will create a sustainable eating pattern and relationship with your body.

Clients who have come to work with Cortney struggled with:

  • obsessing over exercise or hating it and can’t seem to truly enjoy moving their body.

  • not able to eat their favorite foods without overeating or overdoing it.

  • wanting to create a more balanced relationship with food and eating pattern, but were worried about how it might affect their weight.

  • dieting, restricting, and trying to eat less for years.

  • overeating, binge eating, or emotional eating no matter how much you try to control food

  •  always feeling tempted to try the newest diet and wellness trend

  • Feels like their weight is always fluctuating and their metabolism is slower than ever.

"I feel like a "normal" person. I think about food when I'm cooking or hungry, but there is ZERO guilt around anything I do or don't eat. I trust that my body will know what to do with it the foods I give it, so that has released me from having to worry. I haven't counted calories or stepped on a scale since October. And I haven't missed it. I'm FREE!

To those of you out there thinking about starting your work with Cortney, just take the leap and schedule the first call. You will not regret it. It is worth every penny and then some. Your relationship with food and body will change in ways you don't even realize are possible."

- Laura R.

The Gray Space Method

                      PHASE 1:

  • Discovery call

  • Initial assessment

  • Creation of individualized plan

  • Assessing hunger and fullness

  • Meal structure

  • Education: Metabolism, calories, macronutrient

                      PHASE 2:

  • Body image work

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Off limit foods

  • Shopping for clothes

  • Reframing unhelpful thinking styles

  • Gentle movement versus exercise


                       PHASE 3:

  • Deeper understanding of macronutrients

  • Meal planning and snack structure

  • Meal prepping and grocery shopping

  • Culinary medicine coaching

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