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HEY! I'm so glad you're here! 

By now, you know I'm Cortney and I'm a registered dietitian. 

But - when you step into an appointment with me (or any provider), you should feel comfortable and safe with the person on the other side of the room... and in this case, the other side of the computer.

Professionally, I hold a Masters degree, registered dietitian certification, and culinary coaching certificate. I have years of experience honing my skills while working in many areas of the nutrition field: outpatient mental health clinics, culinary medicine, public health, inpatient mental health treatment, outpatient and inpatient eating disorder treatment. 


After treating and helping hundreds of patients - I've noticed a theme. A theme I've seen in myself (and have conquered). Most of us has grown up in a time period where we're told if our bodies aren't perfect, if we aren't trying to diet, and if there's any perceived imperfections at all - then we must diet. Lose the 10 lbs. Shrink our waist. Count our calories. 

I remember being a 14 year old, 3 season athlete sitting in the room with my primary care provider, crying. Crying because I was told how high my BMI was and that I should diet.

It's not anyone's fault really. Just a sign of the times.

But that sign of the times has bled into the times we're living in now. Where we manipulate our food intake, shame ourselves for what should be considered normal eating, and spend every waking minute deciding if we should or shouldn't eat the chips. 

So thats why I'm here -

I'm the example of the one who was targeted by a sign of the times. I've struggled and I've come through to the other side.

I've created a program that teaches you how to feel just as good eating the chips as when you eat the salad, rewrite what you see in the mirror, stop dieting forever, and actually learn how to eat for health. 

Eat for health.

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"My life has taken a remarkable turn since I started working with Cortney. Before I began my sessions with my Cortney, I was always filled with stress and an overwhelming sense of guilt every time I thought about my meals and snacks. I was trapped in a cycle of dieting, constantly restricting what I ate, and feeling horrible about myself in the process. There was a lack of balance and control in my life. However, since I started working with Cortney I've learned how to take control of my actions, thoughts, and emotions, especially those negative ones that used to haunt me during mealtimes. I now savor and enjoy every meal without guilt, appreciating the nourishment and pleasure that food can bring."

- Kendall B. (former client)

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